I am an artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have been drawing for my entire life, and have always wanted to pursue art as a career in some shape or form. Now I have dedicated myself mainly to illustration and tattooing, the latter of which comes naturally out of a long term love of tattoos and drawing. I’ve been tattooing since the spring of 2018, and before that have been developing my personal style for years; ever since I first decided I wanted to tattoo as a part of my career.

As an illustrator the medium I like to use most is Indian ink or fine liners; most of my work is black and white and has quite a dark tone to it. I have several publications to my name,  among which a fully illustrated children’s book called ‘De meermin, het monster en de maan’. In my more autonomous work I am most interested in exploring the expression of human emotion, in all its forms. There is something beautiful and fascinating about dark emotions, as it can affect the way people think and act so strongly that it can create either such beauty or extreme devastation – within themselves or towards others. Most often I am also trying to find a way to reflect the emotions that I myself experience, as a way to release them from my body onto the paper.

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